1000 Islands

So not strictly Montreal area, but worth the trip.

Launched the kayak at Ivy Lea campground just west of Rockport. Currents can be strong, but manageable going upstream towards Gananoque. Water visibility is spectacular, Gliding over the water the bottom can be clearly visible 20 or 30 feet below.



Lachine to Kahnawake

Lachine boat ramp to Kahnawake (or Ile Saint-Nicolas just offshore). About 1 hour and 10 minutes out (very dependant on wind and avoiding the current). 30 minutes back.

Route map here.

Dawn kayak mid-May
Dawn kayak mid-May

Verdun to Ile Rock Kayak Route

Verdun to Ile Rock – 3KM out

Approximately 1 hour to Ile Rock against the current, 30 minutes back.